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  • Contributing code to one of my projects

    Because some people asked me, how to contribute code to my MediaWiki Access Extension, here a short howto how to do this.

    At first, you have to get yourself a free account on GitHub. This is as easy as clicking “Pricing and Signup”, selecting the Free Account, fill in the required fields and submit. Maybe you have to activate the account via email (don’t know, it a while since I got my account).

    I leave the bold setup and finetuning up to you (maybe this will help on this issue).

    After the account is set up you go the project you wish to contribute to (i.e. and click on the “Fork”-Button. With this you have made your own fork, where you can develop by your hearts content. If you are ready, the code is tested and so on, you can send me a pull request with the changes you want to contribute. I will review this changes as soon as my time it allows and if I happy with it, I will merge the changes into my code.

    Hope that helps a bit.

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