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  • My take on bootstrapping an open source playbook project

    For my first Air project for the BlackBerry PlayBook (more about it follows, when it is approved ) I used the Adobe FlashBuilder 4. While this tool is quite comfortable to use in PlayBook development (especially the debugging capabilities), I’m not willing to pay 250 to 750$ for an IDE just to develop some free tools. This is simply not rentable.

    The next thing is, that I wanted to have a possibility to build the project outside the IDE (already with CI in mind).

    As a java developer my choice falls to Apache Ant as a build tool and Git as version control.

    So I created an Ant script and some templates, which bootstraps me a new Air project in a new GIT repository.

    As a base for the template I used the build.xml template from here.

    I put it on Github, so feel free to use and/or fork it.

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