Introducing AutoTest for Delphi

One of the main issues with doing TDD is the fact, that the cycle times between running the unit tests and the development of a feature has to be very short. In fact as short as possible.

In other languages there are always tools like autotest for ruby or infinitest or JUnitMax for Java.

I missed such a tool badly in Delphi, because it makes the development so much faster when the tests are running automatically in the background everytime the code has changed.

So I created autotest4delphi. It uses Growl as notify engine and outputs all relevant command line output of the compiler / test appropriately colored to the console and it’s configured via a simple INI-file.

The tool itself is written in Delphi 2006. I have not ported it yet to Delphi XE but this should not be a big problem.

Feel free to fork an use it.